Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How To Help Pet Angel Without Volunteering In Person

Looking for a way to help Pet Angel but cannot volunteer your time to come into the rescue to help in person? We have PLENTY of different ways you can help us!

1) Set up an account with our online fundraiser website and fundraise money to help us pay our vet bill! The adoption fees are not able to cover the entire cost-of-care for our animals, so we need additional help! Go to to get started!

2) Mail us donations. It doesn't have to be money, we accept anything that will help the kitties! Today, I noticed that we're running low on kitty treats! We love to give out free collars when one of our fur-friends find their forever home, but we don't have anymore! Sparty lost his favorite ball last week and none of us can find it. The kittens loved the scratching post in their room so much, they ripped it to shreds. Send the kitties some new things! Anything from bedding, toys, treats, accessories or furniture can be used and will be appreciated!

3) When shopping on Amazon, for personal items, birthday gifts or even to mail something to us, use! It's Amazon, except a portion of your total is donated to a non-profit of your choice. When you check out, click on us! The kitties get some help, and you didn't have to do anything but shop!

4) Are you a runner? Do you walk long distances? Do you play Pokemon Go? Download "rescue walk" to your smart phone and run it in the background while you are walking! It tracks how much you walk, and donates money to the non-profit you choose! How easy is that?! All you have to do is run the app! Pick Pet Angel, and get to walking!

5) If you're local, hold a cottage party! A cottage party is a dinner party that you hold in your home to raise money for Pet Angel! Message us if you would like more information on having a cottage party!

6) We currently have a cookbook in the works, and are accepting pictures of pets for our calendar! If you would like to purchase a month or a day to have your animal be featured in our calendar, message us! We can explain the prices and tell you how to mail us the image of your pet!

7) Sponsor a cat! Set up a reoccurring donation to sponsor the care of one of our kitties each month! To do this, go to this link and scroll to the bottom. Click on "set up reoccurring donations" an ideal fee for this would be $25 a month, to cover food, litter and vet care that month.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

5 Reasons Your Kitty Might Not Be Using The Litter Box

Sparty here. Lets talk litter boxes.

Sometimes, we kitties don't use the litter box. On behalf of all kitties, I would like to apologize. We're not doing it just to be funny or rude, there's a reason behind the reason we are using the floor as our box. So, from a kitty perspective, this is why we might not be using the box.

1) A change at home made me mad.
You started new hours at work, your niece is staying with us this week, the guys doing the landscaping outside really scare us, or the new baby is taking away from me. That makes me unhappy. I either don't want to leave where we are hiding to go to the box, or I'm not using the box to show you that I'm unhappy and to get me attention. Give me some extra attention to show me that I still matter.

2) The other cats scare me when I'm in the box.
If your box is covered, the other cats trap me in there when I'm in there. So, of course, I'm NOT going to go in there and get trapped. If you box is uncovered, the other cats are getting in the box when I'm in there and they can see me, I can't go in there when they're watching me! Try putting a cover on the box, or taking the cover off.

3) I don't like the litter.
If you didn't change the litter, you should try using a different kind. I might suddenly no longer like it. The texture might be wrong on my feet, it might be too dusty and hurt my nose, the smell might be too "man made" or citrusy for me (cats don't like the smell of citrus, guys!) Try changing the type of litter it is. If you want to stick to clay, try different types of clay litter. It might just be the type and smell. If you're using clay and its just not working, try pine litter! Thats what the Angel's use here at Pet Angel; they're pellets made out of pine trees. Its natural, and its not dusty! 

4) The location of the box is not ideal.
There might be something near the box that I don't like. Machines that make noise, toilets are sometimes scary, the door by the box might open and scare me! The dog kennel is pretty close to my cage an that freaks me out. I'm getting too old to walk down the stairs now, so I can't get to the basement. Sometimes, lets be honest, the house is to big to get to the box in time! Try moving the box someplace else. Even try getting another box and put it someplace else, as well as leaving the other box to where it is. 

5) I'm sick.
We have to do things sometimes that are wrong to get you to pay attention to us when we need to tell you something. When we're sick, we hide it. Its a cat thing. But when I'm sick, I can't tell you that I'm hurting. The way we tell you is by going out of the box. We know that will get your attention, so that's why we do it. 


This is the most common reasons we may not be using the litter box, it doesn't mean that they are the only reason. If none of these work for you, try talking to your vet or looking up different ways you can help us. But please, don't give us up because we are difficult. Would you give up your kid if they kept having accidents? No. So why would you give us up?